Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria

Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria

There might be a lot of insinuation around the corner that government jobs do not pay well, and the likelihood of unpaid salary is also high. This is enough to damn people’s interest in federal government jobs.

Just to boost your morale, workforgov.ng has compiled the list of the highest paying federal government agencies in Nigeria.

Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria

Highest Paying Federal Government Agencies in Nigeria

1. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

This is one of the highest paying agencies, if not the highest paying government agency.

  • Interns reportedly take home at (N13,000) least thirteen thousand Naira monthly, with a higher bar of around fourteen thousand Naira.
  • A sales manager reportedly makes (N286,000) two hundred and eighty-six thousand Naira monthly, with a higher bar of (310,000) three hundred and ten thousand Naira monthly.
  • An economist reportedly makes between (N3,530,000) three million five hundred and thirty thousand Naira, and (N3,820,000) three million eight hundred and twenty thousand Naira annually.

2. Bank of Industry

The Nigerian Bank of Industry is another high paying federal government agency in Nigeria.

  • An analyst reportedly makes about (N2,880,000) two million, eight hundred and eighty thousand Naira annually. With a high cap of (N3,140,000) three million one hundred and forty thousand Naira, it is obviously not a bad job.
  • A banking officer goes home with at least (5,400,000) five million four hundred thousand yearly with a high cap of about (5,800,000) five million eight hundred thousand Naira yearly.

3. Central Bank of Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria is not a government agency that likes making its financial recriminations public. Still, in this age of technology, it is impossible to keep such information from the public domain.

  • As a trainee, the Central bank of Nigeria pays (N43,000) forty-three thousand Naira per month during the months of training.
  • An entry level staff is paid (N12,000) hundred and twenty-two thousand Naira per month.
  • A loan officer (which is a rank you can get promoted to from entry level) is paid (N573,000) five hundred and seventy-three thousand Naira per month.
  • The next accessible rank is that of a credit analyst who is paid (N647,000) six hundred and forty-seven thousand Naira per month. That hits over seven million per year.
  • The most difficult to access position in the Central Bank staff salary structure is the branch manager position. This is due to the fact there are not many Central Bank branches in Nigeria.
  • A branch manager (where one exists) in Central Bank is paid (N732,000) seven hundred and thirty-two thousand Naira per month. This averages above eight million Naira per year.

The Central bank Job is very lucrative, and it is very difficult to get employment in the CBN. But with the right connections and recommendations, you can get employed.

4. Federal Inland Revenue Service

The Federal Inland Revenue Service is another federal agency who are quite secretive about their pay packages and salary structure. There is no limit to the reach of technology though.

  • Information has it that entry-level staff are paid between a hundred and twenty thousand and a hundred and fifty thousand Naira monthly.
  • On promotion to Officer One, the pay package goes up to between a hundred and sixty-seven and a hundred and eighty-four thousand Naira.

Unlike most of the other salary packages, the Federal Inland Revenue Service has no other remunerations apart from the salary. Thus, all figures given are non-negotiable in the upwards direction.

5. Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency

This is another federal agency which is quite secretive about their salary structure. At least, it was possible to get at their entry-level salaries (level eight).

  • It is reported that entry-level staff at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency earn between two hundred and two hundred and forty thousand monthly.

6. Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria

It was quite difficult to get at this as most of this Government agencies are quite secretive about their salaries structure.

  • Information has it that Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria pays around one hundred and sixty-seven thousand Naira monthly.

Said information cannot be independently confirmed. Thus, it is not clear, at which level said salary accrues to.

7. Nigerian Ports Authority

Although it is difficult to get at salaries of most government agencies, that of the Nigerian Ports authority was a little bit easier. Over the last few years, there have been various advertisements of job vacancies at the Nigerian Ports authority which advertised the attached salary structure.

  • A counselor in the health, nursing or social care department can expect at least(N400,000) four hundred thousand Naira per annum.
  • An IT or e-business manager can expect an accrual between (N400,000 – N600,000) four hundred thousand and six hundred thousand Naira per year.
  • A deck cadet in the energy, oil or gas department can expect between eight hundred thousand and a million Naira as a salary package.
  • A senior graphic artist in the marketing, advertising, or public relations department can expect between a million and a million five hundred thousand Naira per year.
  • An HSE officer in the purchasing or supply chain can expect between three million and four million Naira per year as salary.
  • Top spot goes to an instrument or control designer who takes home from five million Naira and above yearly.

With this information, we hope you are well informed about the highest paying federal government agencies in Nigeria. However, if you have any other additional information or clarification about this article, don’t hesitate to use the comment section.

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